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New Shoes at Tesco!

29 Sep 2014

FK Lowry Piling recently commenced Piling Works to yet another Tesco Superstore. 420No. 220mm Sq. Precast Driven Piles were installed on the Site in Armagh, Northern Ireland, for Main Contractor, Turkington.

Piles depths ranged from 6m to 11m through Made Ground/Fill. This was underlain by soft/firm cohesive strata before Limestone Bedrock was encountered at depth. What was unique about this particular scheme was the use of innovative Steel “Shoe” that was adapted to each Precast Section.

“This Brownfield Site had a previous use as Dairy and Site Investigation highlighted moderate levels of contaminates being present. Each of our Precast Sections have a flat base and the Client had concerns about transferring material to depth during the driving process. In order to mitigate the risk of contaminants being transferred down to the bedrock and any underlying aquifer, we suggested the use of a pointed Steel Shoe. The Shoe would help prevent any such contaminated material being driven down during driving.”
Sam Pyper, FK Lowry’s Contracts Manager

The Shoes are quick and easy to install and were fitted at our in-house pre-cast concrete casting facility. The Piling Package also included 112 No. 220mm Diameter Steel Driven Tubes under low headroom conditions. The overall Piling Programme is 7 weeks.

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