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Lagan Construction Group joins ICE campaign to highlight Civil Engineering

05 Jul 2016

Lagan Construction Group has joined a campaign to promote civil engineering at their A379 Bridge Road Widening project in Devon.

The campaign, called ‘This is Civil Engineering’ and developed by the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), was launched in association with Devon County Council Engineering Design Group and Lagan Construction Group at the Bridge Road Widening Scheme – Exeter earlier this month.

The campaign’s primary aim is to raise the profile of civil engineering through increased awareness and understanding of the contribution that it makes to our quality of life. ICE has developed banners and signage to be displayed at project sites, helping members of the public to make the link between the infrastructure on site and its positive impact within the community. Over 100 projects have now been involved with the campaign.

“This is Civil Engineering’ promotes the contribution of civil engineering to society and we are proud to be displaying the banner at prominent sites within our region. The campaign helps us to highlight the variety and importance of civil engineering to the general public. We are delighted to have a banner on display at the Bridge Road Widening Scheme. This project will relieve congestion on one of the busiest commuter routes into the city and improve popular cycling and pedestrian routes.”
Miranda Housden, Regional Director for ICE South West

Devon County Council’s £13.45 million scheme will develop two continuous outbound lanes, removing an existing bottleneck where two lanes merge into one. To achieve the extra road space a number of bridges need to be widened or realigned, and two new footbridges will be built to replace footpath space lost. The scheme will involve extensive Highways, Bridges and Geotechnical work, working in a constricted site alongside heavy traffic, whilst managing significant heritage, flooding and ecological considerations.

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