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Dew and FKL work at Water of Leith for Lagan Construction

30 Jan 2012

Both Dew Piling and FK Lowry Piling are currently working on the Water of Leith contract in Edinburgh for Lagan Construction Ltd.

The contract is an excellent opportunity for LCL, Dew and FKL to work together in partnership to deliver a project using many of the resources and expertise that exist across the three businesses. The combined Piling Subcontract value is approximately £3,750,000 and represents a large part of the overall main contract.

The sheet piling involves the supply and installation of 2,800 piles in lengths that range from 7 to 12 metres through very difficult ground and in many cases in close proximity to very old residential properties. Due to the location of the works the contract restrictions on noise and vibrations are particularly onerous. Dew has used their previous experience to provide working methods that enable the works to progress in this difficult environment. Generally all pile positions are preaugered using in many instances one of the company owned CFA rigs. This preaugering reduces the vibrations generated when the piles are installed with a vibratory leader rig. In areas where driving is particularly hard an impact hammer is used to achieve final designed pile level.

In addition to the difficult ground and tight limits on noise and vibrations the majority of the works are located within the existing river; this brings several challenges to the project. Lagan Construction has provided working platforms within the river to allow us to access and carry out our works. During periods of heavy rainfall all plant is removed from the platform to avoid the risk of flooding.

FK Lowry’s contract is to construct a secant piled wall at Stockbridge colonies on this project. The secant wall consists of 380 No 750mm diameter piles and 377 No 600mm diameter piles, all piles are 12 metres deep. The piles are constructed using our Soilmec SR70 rig.Again FK Lowry face the same difficult conditions in relation to vibration, noise and flood risk that are present also for Dew.

Because of the proximity of the works to residents and businesses in the heart of Edinburgh it is critically important that Lagan Construction, Dew Piling and FK Lowry site teams work closely together and react quickly to any required changes in planned works. This close co-operation has worked very well to date and is a credit to all involved in this project.

The current programme indicates completion in December 2011.

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