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Wallops Flight Facility

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
Wallops Flight Facility Airfield Repairs
90 Weeks

Lagan Construction, LLC is the prime contractor to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) for the reconstruction and rehabilitation of runway 04-22 and the parallel taxiway Echo. The runway is 8,850 feet (2,700 m) long and 150 feet (46 m) wide. The construction scope of work requires Lagan to set up and operate both a portable hot mix asphalt plant and a portable centralmix concrete plant on site.

Lagan anticipates producing and placing over 42,000 tons of hot-mix asphalt (HMA) by installing and operating our ASTEC drum-mix, portable batch plant at an on-site location designated by NASA. The HMA paving work includes 60,000 linear feet (18,300m) of asphalt joint/crack sealing, performance milling and a 2” (50mm) HMA overlay on the runway and taxiway. Lagan will self-perform the milling activities required to complete the HMA works.

In addition to the HMA works on the runways, Lagan will produce and place approximately 40,000 square yards (34,000m2) of PQ concrete at a thickness of 13” (330mm). Other local subcontractors will perform drainage works, demolition, landscaping, seeding, sodding, pavement markings and crack sealing. Lagan Construction will employ a staff of approximately 25-30 persons on-site during the execution of the contract and with a total workforce, including subcontractors, of at least 65 people.

Key Quantities & Scope of Work

• 219,000 sy cold-milling of bituminous pavement

• ASTEC Asphalt plant established on site – 250 tons/hr capacity

• Rexcon 12 CY central mix batch plan on site – 250 cy/hr capacity

• Production and placement of approx. 42,000 tons of HMA

• Production and placement of approx. 15,000 cy of PCC – 650 psi flex

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