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RAF Northolt Runway Rehabilitation & Arrestor Beds

Lagan Aviation and Infrastructure
May 2019 - Aug 2019

LAML was contracted by Lagan Aviation and Infrastructure to carry out AGL and ancillary civil works on their £17 million RAF Northolt project.

Raf Northolt 01
Raf Northolt 02

The works undertaken included:

  • Installation of 155 No. AGL sea ng pots;
  • Completion of 150 No. 450mm stabilisation cores and 155 No.107mm centre cores;
  • Completion of 80No. 150mm cores into existing E-pits/manholes and;
  • 1500m of saw cutting to enable installation of the arrestor system at each end of the runway;
  • We coordinated these works with the team undertaking the main runway rehabilitation and arrestor bed works to overvalue for money and programme guarantees to the Client.
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